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  • Are anger issues ruining your life?
  • Having problems at work because of anger?
  • Overwhelmed and frustrated?
  • Are your kids, spouse or pets scared of you?
  • Have you promised you’d stop getting angry?
  • Is your child's or teen's anger over the top?

You are smart, caring and competent.


You like things done well, and the people you care about to thrive.  But sometimes anger alienates people.  It can make your children or loved ones afraid of you. Problem anger is a complex physiological state that can be resolved with skilled help.  Loss, trauma, or unremitting stress can make anger worse

Since each person’s anger challenges are unique, we offer one-to-one counseling.  We design specific solutions to your situation so that anger no longer hijacks your brain.  You can feel calm and confident again.   
We will be honest and compassionate, help you see your blind spots.  We will give you easy-to-learn, positive skills to make a difference.  . . .  We know how and we can help.

Your anger has a story to tell. Isn’t it time you learned what it is?   


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Start making changes in your life, your work and your relationships now.  Why waste any more of your precious time and energy on anger?