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Frequently Asked Questions
How often should I come in for treatment?DIlemma of the acorn
How long do people attend therapy?
What if it's really urgent??
What if I don't start to get better?
What happens in the first session?
Can highly intelligent and gifted people make use of therapy?
How do I get the most out of therapy?

 How often should I come in for treatment?
If you are in some distress, weekly appointments will be most effective for you.  Why?  Because the mind needs practice and repetition to change gears.  You may start feeling better right away, and to sustain this state may take regular practice . . . like learning to play a musical instrument.
 How long do people attend therapy?
Most people find that 10 sessions can help them make important changes, when they are coming in for a tune up. If you are working on a major overhaul of your life, or a long standing pattern, 6 months may help you make lasting change.  Every person is different.  Our work together is designed specifically for you.  No cook book methods in our work together.  We talk about your goals, and we use those to chart our way through the changes you want to make.  When you've accomplished your intended changes, we're done.

 What if it's really urgent?

We can usually see you within 24 hours.  Your safety and well-being is very important to us.  If you are having severe panic, anxiety or depression, please go to the nearest emergency room.  Portland also has excellent crisis telephone lines, staffed by caring people:

               Metro Crisis Line   503-988-4888     Women's Crisis Line    503-235-5333                                                   Back to top

 What if I don't start to get better?
You will start seeing small changes after your first few sessions.  If you don't we will help you plan the next step of treatment.   You might need a different type of treatment.  You might benefit from group therapy.  You may need to see your doctor to rule out medical problems.  You may also benefit from working with other holistic practitioners, such as homeopaths and NDs for nutritional counseling.    We collaborate to help you the the results you want. 

 What happens in the first session?

Our first session may be slightly different than future visits.   We are getting to know each other.  You may find it helpful to have some thoughts on what you want to accomplish.  Give some thought to what makes things worse and what makes things better.  It's helpful to know when things started to get worse, and who you can call upon for support. We will be working together to create life-long solutions to help you create the life you really want.

 Can highly intelligent and gifted people make use of therapy?
Many gifted individuals have trouble adjusting to their environment.  They may feel like it's hard to fit in socially and find the right school or job.   Exceptional endowments may feel like liabilities instead of assets.  People with exceptional skills may have developed a few key areas, and my find that emotional intelligence remains underdeveloped.  Exceptionally gifted individuals may be seen by others as powerful and charismatic.  Being revered and admired rather than isolated and rejected can also cause emotional conflicts.  We have experience working with clients with high IQs and know the challenges you may face.  With us, you are not alone and can be yourself.

 How do I get the most out of therapy?
You can make the most of your investment of time and money by doing a couple of things:
  •  Be an active participant in the process.  Speak about what is going on for you, ask questions
  • Organize your schedule in such a way that you can come to your appointments and be on time
  • Budget for your investment in psychotherapy
  • Catch yourself doing things right
  • Catch yourself doing things differently
  • Practice what you are learning
  • Set small attainable goals, either daily or weekly,  report on your success
  • Meet your inner critic and chuckle at the rule book your inner critic uses to indict you

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