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Pop-Up Fold Out Shrine Project . . . Have fun creating

SoulCollage and creativity can be good medicine.

First, the aesthetic quality of the work produced can lift your mood, boost self-awareness, and improve self-esteem.

Second, research shows that physiological functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration, slow when we're engaged in creative play.

In addition, making art also provides an opportunity for you to improve eye-hand coordination, and stimulate neurological pathways from the brain to the hands. 

Because visual imagery uses the language of symbols  it can help us express experiences that are not well articulated

In working with imagery you can discover thoughts and feelings that are often hidden from the conscious mind.

Most people are delighted to see how fast their stress dissolves while doing SoulCollage.

Studies have shown that repressing strong feelings can lead to a buildup of stress, and that stress can intensify pain as well as intensify the sensation of pain and other symptoms.  

Most people find that a few hours of SoulCollage or a creative project can significantly reduce stress.

Because working with imagery helps people access their unconscious mind and release pent-up emotions, it has been found to be very useful in treating those suffering from stress and stress-related ailments.  

People recovering from trauma or serious injury often find SoulCollage particularly beneficial.

And best of all, it's easy. Anyone can do it.  And it's green, using recycled magazine images and non-toxic glue.

The Shrine project as well as SoulCollage are Green and Good Medicine!

Would you like . . .Shrine Postcard
  • An easy project that can help you dissolve stress?
  • A relaxing, simple art project that you can do anywhere?
  • To use your family photos in a meaningful way?
  • To learn how to make pop-ups?
  • To make a unique piece of art that will delight your friends and family?
You might be interested in the Shrine!

Learn how to make a fold out neighborhood of your dreams, complete with kids, trees, dogs, bikes and all the local color you want to add to your neighborhood.  And it all folds up into an adorable accordion fold shrine that you decorate. 

The only skills you need you learned in first grade:  coloring, cutting and pasting!

It will house a delightful neighborhood of families and characters you create and bring to life. 

Your vintage street of dreams can tell a story of the people you love, their pets, cars, and activities.  Even if you didn't have a perfect childhood, now you can create your own.

You could even make it a SoulCollage street of dreams, with the Neters from your SoulCollage cards.

Your Pop-Up Fold-Out Shrine kit contains
  • CD Manual featuring 31 pages with detailed full color illustrations
  • Printed images on card stock:  including 15 pages of images, with a wide varied of people, houses, landscape features, even a garbage can and sleeping cat.  You'll find
8 houses and their reverse

3 pages of people

4 pages of landscape, pets, cars, bikes to populate and decorate your neighborhood
  • Practice Pop-Up Project using a single house and one photo, so you can try out the Water Soluble Oil Pastels, and practice constructing your first pop up
  • Sample pop up mechanism to show you exactly how the pop up glues together
  • Tyvek strips to connect the houses
  • Metal foil for highlights
  • Tag board for your covers and for reinforcing any of your pop up images
It's versatile.
Make the whole neighborhood and display proudly on your coffee table or Cloth Paper scissors Article March 2008bookshelf
 Make 17 Pop-Up Greeting cards!
Give the Kit as a gift for your do-it-yourself friends
Make the kit and give it as a gift and dazzle your loved ones for the Holidays, especially if you use their picture in one the of scenes! 

When offered at Art and Soul in 2007, this workshop cost $125 plus materials.  Now you can have your own workshop, invite your friends for just a third of the price.   You could gather friends and family and do it as community project.

$39.99  plus $10 shipping