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Susan Melendez Doak, LPC - help for anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD

Susan Doak LPC
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"My family actually talks and has fun together now!”

               Melissa, mother of 3


“I finally don’t feel like my kids are walking all over me anymore."

                      Jennifer, mother of 2


“You listened to me and didn’t treat me like I was stupid.  I didn’t think I would ever talk to a therapist, but you were different, I could trust you!

                  Brittany, age 16

“My kids and my wife say I’m a more patient person. Therapy made me a better husband and dad.”
Jonathan, husband & father



  Susan Doak LPC

  • Being too hard on yourself?  Negative self-talk getting you down?
  •  Anger, depression or anxiety creating problems for you?  Your loved ones?
  • Trauma or shock?  Struggling with PTSD
  • Would you like help with parenting your teens? 

We all struggle with these challenges from time to time.  Therapy can give you support and provide a place to talk about things that may be difficult to share with anyone else.

Whether you are struggling with life changes, feelings of sadness or anxiety or trying to cope but still feeling irritable and alone, therapy can and does provide relief and a new way of living

I love the challenge and reward of helping people move past places in their life that feel stuck, whether its work, important relationships or just longing to feel more ease and confidence in every day life.

Having studied many different modalities of healing and growth, I offer you a wide range of techniques and approaches. Part of what I love is finding the right fit between your challenges and the right approach that bests helps you get better. 
And with over 8000 hours of experience, I will give you practical tools that work for you.

Being a counselor and serving people in this way is a privilege and an honor. Understanding the complexities of human behavior is a lifelong passion of mine that I will pursue for the rest of my life.

Get to know me with a free phone consult.  Or if you'd like to get started right away, call and set up an appointment.  I accept most health insurance plans gladly.

Why wait to feel better?  Give me a call.
503-342-2510  or email me

My Approach

People comment that I do more than just listen well.  I interact with you.  I share my informed opinion on how to solve problems and find solutions.  I use visual aids and other activities that engage your senses and connect with your own common sense and skills.  You can achieve long-term success as I help you strengthen your natural talents for coping and thriving.

Counseling and be enjoyable and even fun.

When anger, depression and anxiety get the best of you, it may feel like you’ve forgotten how to laugh.  You may be surprised that we laugh a lot in counseling!   Laughter helps to heal our bodies, minds, emotions and relationships.  And, of course, it’s just plain fun! Counseling can be enjoyable and even fun at times.

To help you manage your emotions, I teach you easy-to-use tools, including the latest research on neurobiology to help you recover from trauma.

I have over 8000 hours of direct client experience.  I am well-traveled and have visited or lived in more than 15 countries.  I come from a multi-cultural, multi-racial family and I enjoy working with clients from many backgrounds.  It enriches my life to work with people of diverse races/ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, and genders.  I am LGBT friendly.  I'm a parent so understand the challenges and joys of raising children in our 21st century world.

Clients sometimes wonder, "Do you think I can get better?"

The answer is YES!   Everyone has a blueprint for living life with ease and confidence. Like the oak tree inside the acorn, you were born to be confident and healthy.  Together we will reduce the challenges and stresses that get in the way of your blueprint. And give you the tools and confidence to thrive.


What you say to me is confidential.  No one can know what you say here or even that you are seeing me without your written permission.  I do not discuss private information with parents except with the teen’s permission or in cases where safety is an issue, such as suicidal plans.  Otherwise, I coach teens to tell their parents about important things in their lives.  Often, we might use family therapy to assist them to do this and to coach parents toward supportive responses.

The Bottom Line

Because I’m an experienced therapist, you’ll find that I am not “shocked” by anything you say.  You can be completely candid with me without fear of judgment. 

Therapy doesn’t have to last for years, though it may in some cases.  Clients often see improvement in 8 to 10 sessions

Why wait to feel better?  Give me a call.
503-342-2510  or email me

My Licensure and Professional Experience                                                                        

Oregon:             Licensed Professional Counselor                                    2012–present

Massachusetts:   Licensed Mental Health Counselor                                 2009–2011

Massachusetts:   Mental Health Counselors Association, Member              2010–2011

  • Lutheran Community ServicesProgram Supervisor and Mental Health Clinician, McMinnville, OR, 2011 to 2013
  • NAFI Massachusetts:  Foundations for Families: Mental Health Clinician, Danvers, MA, 2010 to 2011
  • NAFI Massachusetts:  Foundations for Families, Intensive Care Coordinator, Danvers, MA, April to August 2010  
  • NAFI Massachusetts: Community Intervention Program, Clinician,Arlington, MA, 2006 to 2010
  • South Shore Mental Health, Outreach Counselor, Boston, MA, August to December 2006
  • Ozarks Counseling Center (United Way Agency), Counseling Intern, Springfield, MO, 2005 to 2006